"Delivering the Real Design"

REDECOS – Services Offered

Our working methodology is derived in lieu of Systematic approach, Demand driven design & development, with Possible Shorter lead time in Strict adherence to the schedule and readily Adaptable to most design platforms

# Value added Reverse Engineering & New Product Design

No matter what development phase you're in, our Engineers can help. If you already know what you want, they can design the 3D model that are tailored to your specifications. Not sure where to start? They're prepared to design from scratch and prototype until you're satisfied.

Addressing the need of the industries to build new designs and enhancements using existing physical models, prototypes and parts, we offer reverse engineering techniques using data from physical components/ curve & point data from scanning, or existing component 3d models/ Rapid Prototypes and inspection of physical models with CAD models.

We work completely in a solid CAD environment which allows us to combine assemblies and check - form, fit and function, design quicker and more thorough, giving the customer a three-dimensional view of their part. Complex surfacing techniques are employed to achieve better of the digital 3D models for part to best confirm the design requirement of the product. A-class surfaces can ensure that the aesthetic of end product meets the highest standards. In case if parts require close tolerance like in mating parts, links or fixtures special care is taken to check dimensional variation.

Furthermore these digital models can be made parametric and associative with design intent captured in them. Any future change can be easily incorporated in the model avoiding many redesign stages. We follow separate 2D CAD template (customizable) for Product Design.

# Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Analysis for Moulding Process

Every 2D drawing provided for mould design is ballooned and cross verified against the associated 3D model to ensure the dimensional/functional requirements are met. We ensure the steel safe condition on the mould for critical and complex dimensions so that the mould making will be accurate and aid the qualification process. In case of deviations from specification or changes required for material condition consideration, the 3D model is updated & the comprehensive report will be made in excel spread sheet and submitted to the customer for approval.

At REDECOS we believe, the success of a project depends on the quality of the product design. So we doesn't just work to the files provided to us. No matter how complex the geometry is, we take the upfront time to dissect it to ensure everything- from proper wall thickness, rib thickness, finish, draft and so forth. All of these process will be completed with the shortest possible time and the 3D model& Review sheet will be submitted for customer approval. Hence you can ensure a first time right part.

# Mould Design

From prototype to production moulds, REDECOS will provide you with a high quality mould design that will suit your needs. We can provide you with a single cavity, multi-cavity, cam action, unscrewing, lifter, stripper plate, 3-plate, dual ejection, hot sprue or hot runner system. All designs are created in 3D/ Solid CAD environment and converted into detailed 2D drawings. If you only have a 2D part file to work with, we will generate a 3D file for you.

Designing moulds in Solids has many benefits over 2D software. Solids gives us the ability to design far more complex moulds quicker and accurately with the ability to inspect the design for interference. Furthermore, these digital models are made parametric and associative with design intent captured in them. Any future changes can be easily incorporated in the model avoiding many redesign stages. This also saves valuable programming time by going directly from the design to programming and eliminates mistakes caused by human error and drawing misinterpretation.

At REDECOS the mould design concept itself will be done in the Solid CAD so that we ensure error free and the faster completion. The 3D model along with 2D output will be submitted for the concept approval process. Hence our customers are benefited with a hassle free and simple design verification process. We follow the check list at each stage of design to ensure it error free and meeting the predefined customer requirements.

2D drawings are generated detailing every component from the assembly, mould base, cores, cavities, inserts, right down to the mould strap. Notes call out quantity, material, hardness, and finish for all components. A complete Bill of Material is also supplied in an excel spread sheet.

REDECOS Design standard

  • Colour code for material & position numbering system for individual elements

  • Coloured marking for matching areas & parting surface identification

  • Poka yoke markings for individual elements

  • Machining/assembly identification mentioned in design itself

  • Animated/exploded assembly views for easy interpretation

  • Standard elements included in the assembly (Broader 3d library of Misumi, DME, Hasco, Fibro etc...)

Apart from this we support you for the requirements of

  • Flow Analysis and Improvement Suggestion

  • ECN Incorporation, Trouble Shooting / Design improvements

  • Electrode Designing & EDM Sketches

  • Machining Drawing in 3D&2D

  • Process Planning & Outsourcing Support

At REDECOS we value the fact “every client might have their own standards and vendors. Let us know your standards and who your vendors are and we will incorporate them in your design. We will even use your standard title block. After all, these are your projects and should be designed to your expectations.

" Whether you are starting with just an idea or you already have a product design, we're prepared to offer solutions to your toughest challenges. The efforts of our design team lead to efficient, "build friendly" 3D mould designs that serve as the foundation to a successful product launch."

Our 3D models are provided with proper features to inline with mould design, component design and manufacturing requirements. Mould design includes complete detailing required for shop floor level management for manufacturing in format and standards of the customer. With our years of experience in this field, we can suggest and recommend better designs and processes helping our customer to make maximum quality, productivity and cost benefit. We have been providing tool-engineering services for various applications in Automobile, Appliance & General engineering industry. With expertise in manufacturing, we can provide total solutions for your CNC machining, electrodes design, electrode manufacturing & WEDM drawing requirements. Our rich expertise aids in reducing tool cost. Ease of manufacturing is considered during tool design to suit best of for your in-house capabilities.

# Flow Analysis and Improvement Suggestion

Flow analysis simulates the filling and packing phases of the moulding cycle. Different process conditions can be evaluated, and most appropriate process parameters can be chosen to produce the part. For a set of process inputs (injection time, melt and mould temperature, pack profile etc.) the following results can be seen:

Injection pressure, Clamp force, Temperature reduction at flow front, Weld line locations, Air trap locations, volumetric shrinkage, etc. Based on these results the most optimum process condition can be chosen. Warpage analysis is also a very useful tool for investigating practical solutions for existing mouldings that have distortion problems.

Not only do our consultants have the knowledge and certification to use Moldflow, they also have an extensive, practical plastics and tooling background. This experience in combination with the analysis software provides our customers with reliable and predictable results saving not only time but money as well.

# Systematic Approach in design

Our team of designers has extensive experience designing many different types of Injection molds while incorporating the latest technology. From simple open and close single cavity prototype tools to very complex production tools with multiple actions. We are experienced with multiple styles of Hot manifolds, 3 plate and conventional runner tools, Insert Molds and Over Molds as well as 2 Shot and rotational molds.

Our designers not only have a product background but they also have a tooling background that enables us to create products that are already designed for manufacturing. Our simultaneous engineering approach takes into consideration the elements necessary to not only create your product but ensure that it can be tooled and moulded in the most robust, cost effective manner. Your product is designed and engineered to your standards and specifications. From a thought or a sketch to a fully realized product our creative team of designers will make sure that your product performs as you intended it to!

REDECOS Technologies can also help save even more time and money by providing our customers with our synchronized design approach. With our experience and background we can help you develop your product with both tooling and moulding considerations in mind instead of the typical "throw it over the wall" approach. This allows us to trim weeks of your lead times.