"Delivering the Real Design"


We are a team of professionals in the field of precision tooling and mould design having over a decade of experience. We provide the need based design service and manufacturing support to the plastic moulding industry, utilizing the latest technology and equipment, allowing us to give our customers the best service possible on-site and through other media.

“REDECOS Technologies” is aiming to be a complete solution provider for Part design, Precision Mould Design, Analysis, Mould Construction, Tool Debugging, and Pre-Production / Production runs to meet our customer's injection moulding needs. Discreet orders for Part Design, Flow Analysis, Mould Design, Debug, and / or any level of production moulding are also welcome on an individual basis


Today’s economic trends have changed forcing many companies and individuals to downsize or reorganize their expertise workforce, in order to meet their bottom line goals. The creamy layer filtering may not be possible for all. We provide flexible end-to-end solutions that assist companies and individuals to meet their objectives by giving the best possible service at an affordable cost to realize the highest value of their actual business.

At REDECOS we have a team of experienced professionals in the field of Manufacturing, Engineering Design & FEA, having more than a decade of experience in the automotive, commercial and precision tooling industries. Our creative people from different areas of plastic moulding industry will support you with your design & development requirements. Sound manufacturing background of each one contribute to our key strengths –‘Manufacturability & the Real design’

At REDECOS we strive to continuously improve our operations in order to deliver safe, effective, and timely products that consistently meet the quality and delivery expectations of our customers through our motto –‘Manufacturability & the Real design’


  • Innovative product development & Value added Reverse Engineering

  • Drawing/Model review for dimensions

  • Design for Manufacturability(DFM) Analysis for Moulding Process

  • Extensive and thorough design evaluation

  • Complete Mould design in 3D & 2D

  • Complex machining planning, Process Routing and Electrode Planning

  • Plastic Material Flow analysis

  • 3D mechanical Modelling, includes machining, sheet metal, pipe, steel work and plastic moulding

Our designers not only have a product background but they also have a tooling background that enables us to create products that are already designed for manufacturing. Our simultaneous engineering approach takes into consideration the elements necessary to not only create your product but ensure that it can be tooled and molded in the most robust, cost effective manner. Your product is designed and engineered to your standards and specifications. From a thought or a sketch to a fully realized product our creative team of designers will make sure that your product performs as you intended it to!

REDECOS Technologies can also help save even more time and money by providing our customers with our synchronized design approach. With our experience and background we can help you develop your product with both tooling and molding considerations in mind instead of the typical "throw it over the wall" approach. This allows us to trim weeks off your lead times.

"Delivering the Real Design"

" Whether you are starting with just an idea or you already have a product design, we're prepared to offer solutions to your toughest challenges. The efforts of our design team lead to efficient, "build friendly" 3D mould designs that serve as the foundation to a successful product launch."

At REDECOS we strongly believe that

" Software is only a tool. It's our people that provide the real solutions"

We are powered by:

Systematic approach | Demand driven design& development | Shorter lead time

Strict adherence to the schedule | Adaptable to most design platforms